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Basic Overview of a Real Estate Closing with AAA Premier Title Corporation

When you use AAA Premier Title Corporation we will take the necessary steps to make sure that you have a smooth and hassle-free transaction. Below is an overview of a typical real estate closing when you use AAA Premier Title Corporation.

A closing is defined as "a meeting of all parties involved in a property transaction during which pertinent documents are signed and transferred, and funds are distributed." At AAA Premier Title, all of our closings are conducted by a closing agent and it will last approximately 45 to 60 minutes.

After you have found your new home and have a fully executed contract, our title company will begin to prepare for your closing. A request for payoff information is sent to the bank for sellers that have an existing mortgage, as well as a request for any information regarding homeowners or condominium association dues and/or transfer fees. If a new mortgage is being obtained by the buyer, the closing agent will work closely with the new lender to make sure that all of the lender's closing requirements are met. Our title company will also work thoroughly with the real estate agent and lender to organize the ordering of the survey, homeowner's insurance and flood insurance, if applicable. AAA Premier Title ALWAYS works closely with the lender and any Realtors involved, reassuring that you are getting premier service.*

A title exam is then ordered to verify the seller's right to transfer ownership. The title exam will uncover any outstanding mortgages, liens, easements, restrictions, etc., which may affect the property. A title commitment will then be issued to show any concerns that were reflected in the title exam, as well as a determination of the documents that are needed to transfer the title of the property to the buyer.

When the lender has received all required documents from the buyer and the loan has been approved, we will schedule the date and time for the closing with all parties. The lender will prepare a closing package consisting of the loan closing instructions, fees charged in connection with the new loan, and any loan documents to be delivered to the closing agent. The closing agent will then prepare all of the necessary closing documents, including a closing statement which outlines all the costs that are associated with the transfer of ownership as well as fees charged in connection with the new loan.

The closing typically takes place in the closing agent's office, where the closing agent, buyer, seller, lender and any Realtors will all be in attendance. While the closing agent will explain the closing statement and other documents, please know that our staff at AAA Premier Title are well trained and experienced closers that will be able to answer any questions you might have while at the closing table. Once all of the documents have been properly executed and the buyer has provided the closing agent with the appropriate funds, the seller will then receive his or her proceeds from the sale and the transaction will then be complete.

After the closing, the closing agent sends all required documents to the courthouse for recording. The completed loan package is sent to the lender. All remaining funds are disbursed according to the settlement statement, including mortgage payoffs. The owner's and lender's title policies will be issued once all required recordings are returned to the closing agent, which usually is within 4-6 months.

Our staff at AAA Premier Title strives to provide the highest level of customer service and expertise within the title industry. Hopefully, we have assisted you with any concerns related to your real estate transaction; however, below is a list of frequently asked questions and answers that may assist you further. Please feel free to contact our office for a free quote and know that AAA Premier Title will meet or beat any of our competitor's.

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